Monroe Early Childhood Intervention Center

The Monroe Public Schools is committed to providing a district-wide preschool program that embeds the Connecticut Preschool Curriculum Framework and the Connecticut Early Learning and Development Standards in order to address cognitive, language, social/personal and motor skills in the curriculum.


Students are provided with hands on learning opportunities in a language-based program for them to explore and develop the skills necessary for Kindergarten.


Our goal is to provide a developmentally appropriate Preschool environment in order to prepare all children for the greatest opportunities for educational success. 


Our integrated model incorporates "Neighborhood Kids" and educates children of all learning capacities emphasizing the importance of inclusion and understanding. The “Early Intervention Program” focuses on the education of our youngest learners in our half day program; the “Pre-K” program prepares our next level learners for their upcoming Kindergarten experience.


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Michaela Kotos, School Psychologist

Adriaan Kasmire, Speech Pathologist
Teresa Gucwa Heines, Special Ed Teacher
Rachel Kovach, Special Ed Teacher
Kim Redmond, Special Ed Teacher
Elisa Rubis, Special Ed Teacher